Central's primary goal is persistent growth through quality oil and gas property acquisitions, operational efficiency and proved reserves development.  Key to that growth is the opportunistic acquisition of producing oil and gas properties. 

Our professional relationships with both major and independent energy companies benefit Central in sourcing and vetting potential acquisitions.  We have repeatedly demonstrated the ability to identify, evaluate, negotiate and selectively acquire minimal-risk producing properties with significant upside potential.

Exploitation potential is a prerequisite to our acquisition strategy as is the prospect of development drilling or the application of other secondary or enhanced hydrocarbon recovery techniques.

We purposely operate in geographically diverse locations selected using strict criteria:
  • Predictable, long-lived reserves
  • Significant upside potential
  • Mature oil or gas fields
  • Quantifiable operating expense/capital
  • Shallow depths (less than 10,000 feet)
  • Friendly governments, tax and business structures
  • Hospitable physical environments
Post-acquisition, our emphasis shifts to reserve enhancement.   We are very good at increasing proved reserves and reducing production declines rates. We do this by making improvements in field management and perpetually assessing operational processes.  This strategy has been successfully repeated with marginal or no capital expenditure.   Conversely, market conditions sometimes dictate that property divestment is necessary to maximize return on investment.