Investor Relations

Central maintains positive relations with its oil and gas partners, bankers, investors, industry organizations; as well as within the communities of our property locations. We recognize their important contributions and strive to fulfill our commitments to those who support us.

We provide critical information to our investors and bankers to enable them to make timely, well-informed decisions.  We schedule operations meetings, site inspections and field trips as needed or requested. Because we listen to our investors,  all have invested with Central in multiple transactions.

Central’s management serve as officers, directors and members of many professional industry organizations, including the Independent Petroleum Association of America (IPAA), the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE), the Independent Petroleum Association of Mountain States (IPAMS), the National Association of Lease & Title Analysts (NALTA), the International Association of Petroleum Geologists (IAPG), and other international associations.

Central is proud of its community relationships through charitable contributions and philanthropic support. Some examples include food banks, library book acquisitions, equipment for local fire departments and hospitals, as well as  exhibitions and promotions for the arts.    We often take referrals from our employees.  At the recommendation of our Argentine field staff, Central International Corporation purchased an ultrasound machine for the local town hospital, near the location of our Catriel Oeste Field.  Formerly, those in need of ultrasound diagnostics were forced to travel 80 miles over rough terrain to reach the nearest medical facility.

We actively participate in industry functions sponsored by governmental agencies promoting trade between nations, including the US Department of Commerce and the Canadian General Consulate.  We are corporate members of various international trade groups, such as the World Trade Organization and the Chamber of the Americas, and cooperate with them in support of foreign trade missions and receptions for visiting dignitaries.