Denver, CO

Located in Eastlake near downtown Denver, our corporate headquarters is positioned between the Rocky Mountains to the west and the high plains to the east. 

Denver is the hub of the Rocky Mountain energy industry.  Conventional and unconventional natural gas output from several Colorado basins account for more than 5% of annual U.S. natural gas production.  Colorado's oil shale deposits hold an estimated one trillion barrels of oil, nearly equal to the entire world's proven oil reserves.

Central was formed in 1988 and made its first acquisition in the Denver Julesberg Basin of Colorado and subsequently in Nebraska in 1989.   The firm's primary focus throughout the 1990's was corporate expansion.  Growth was achieved through multiple  acquisitions of oil and gas properties in the western U.S., principally in the Permian Basin of West Texas and New Mexico,  as well as the San Juan Basin of Colorado and New Mexico.  With historically high commodity prices, Central sold the majority of its U.S.-based oil and gas assets in October of 2000, retired its entire debt, and made a significant distribution to its shareholders.

Central has district offices in Houston, TX, a commercial office in Amsterdam, and retains its headquarters in Eastlake.   The company is a well-respected independent energy company in the Rocky Mountain Region and is a strong supporter of the domestic oil and gas industry.